Panchabhuta / Mark Garrett Permaculture Design 2017

Want to get certified in permaculture design and visit India's beautiful, coastal South?

Join permaculture expert Mark Garrett for an 11-day, 72-hour certified “Permaculture Design Course” based on Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual by Bill Mollison. The course, hosted by Panchabhuta Conservation Foundation (PCF), runs 15 to 25 January 2017.

The Panchabhuta / Mark Garrett Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) course teaches design and planning techniques ranging from closed loop waste management to sustainable agro-ecology to ecologically sensitive construction. Using nature as a guide, these principles can restore life for all.

The course is held at our beachside campus near the Aghanashini estuary in coastal Karnataka.

The PDC course teaches design solutions based on a fundamental rule: Without carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and water (CNOW), there is no life. The course presents this CNOW framework coupled with principles of permaculture to design sustainable living systems.

Permaculture can address myriad development challenges such as polluted water, destructive construction, depleted soils, dwindling biodiversity, declining public health and unsustainable consumption. The PDC will teach solutions to bolster healthy ecosystems, healthy soils, healthy food and healthy people.

The course cost is all-inclusive of room, board and instruction. Per person prices are as follows: Rs. 65,000 for twin cottage occupancy / 55,000 for quad cottage occupancy / 45,000 for tented accommodation. Until November 15, we are offering a 20 percent discount for early-bird registrations, so book your spot while they are available.

For more information, view our course brochure or contact Adarsh at You can also check out our photo album on Facebook. When ready, click below to register.

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